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Most of the homeowners are inexpensive about the maintenance cost of home appliances like microwave oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher or a dryer. They have to rely on the opinion given by others which might not be so accurate but a general opinion. Please go on for finding more home appliances. The fact is that every appliance does have an annual maintenance cost which every house owner needs to know. Below is a guide about microwave oven annual maintenance cost:

The cost of repair of a microwave usually depends on the model of the company. Different models might have different cost of repair. Also, there’s need to figure out the issue with a microwave oven. Most of the experts say the general cost of repair can be 50$-100$. The average cost of a new microwave oven is 400$-1000$ and upper rate of limit is quite high. As much more you spend more features you get. Home Appliances experts have a different opinion regarding the replacement of a microwave oven. If the cost of repair is higher than 300$ than we can consider to buy a new oven rather than repairing the old one. Every home owner always tries to save money on repairing the home appliances. If the most of the repair is below the 50% of the new appliance than repairing is a fine option.